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Little Braves Child Care Center

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Growing together, every step of the way

Little Braves Child Care Center offers a loving and nurturing environment that provides exceptional care for infants and children from 0-12 years old. Our center is a safe and secure place where your child can learn, grow, and thrive. Here, we provide age age-appropriate learning materials, toys, and equipment to stimulate your child’s creativity, imagination, and curiosity.


Infants are given hands-on care in our cozy nursery, where our staff will attend to your little one’s every need. We understand that leaving your baby can be tough, which is why we maintain an open-door policy, so you can come in and visit anytime. We also have stimulating toys and activities to encourage sensory exploration and development.


We foster your toddler’s independence and socialization skills in a fun and interactive way. Our staff encourages exploration and creativity through play-based learning activities. Our spacious outdoor play area provides plenty of opportunities for physical activity and exploration with age-appropriate equipment and supervision.

Preschool-Aged Children

Preschool-aged children can enjoy our exciting program that prepares them for a successful transition to kindergarten. Our program includes pre-reading and math skills, science and nature exploration, and social studies.

School-Aged Children

For school-aged children, we offer a fun and engaging program that includes homework assistance, physical activities, and creative arts and crafts. We provide a safe and secure environment for your child to unwind after a busy school day.

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